Hi All 

So, I’m finally out of prison now and have been using the last few weeks to re-adjust and find my new normal. I just want to say a massive thank you for all the support and kindness that many of you have shown. The last two plus years have been the hardest of my life and I don’t think I could’ve remained as positive without the letters, cards, books etc that I was sent over the course of my imprisonment. I just wanted you all to know how much I adored and appreciated all the effort many of you went through to give me some comfort in my time of crisis and I hope to get in touch with many of you soon! 

Although I am now released and able to return to some normality, this fight is not over. I am still fighting for freedom from criminalisation and seeking justice. I will never stop fighting to expose the truth. In the background, we are working tirelessly on an appeal to the supreme court, tirelessly because it is not as easy to prove your innocence as it is for them to wrongfully convict you. This system works by breaking you down until you don’t have the strength to fight anymore but with the continued support of my family, friends and supporters, I know that I will be able to always find the strength to continue. 

So please, continue to follow and share my story so that we can show this racist system that regardless of the mistreatment, abuse, oppression and complete disregard for our lives, no matter how hard they try, they will never silence us. We will have equal justice for all. We will have equity and black lives DO matter.”


“We need to free Siyanda…

You can see from the details of the case exactly how they left her. That was bad enough. But the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police, all the agencies that are supposed to protect her, have let this young woman down.”

Soweto Kinch – Award winning alto-saxophonist

What would you feel if your young loved one was racially abused and beaten by a group of people?  Then instead of being protected by the justice system, was sentenced to four and half years in prison for protecting herself. This is what happened to my 21 year old daughter, Siyanda Mngaza. Siyanda had never been in trouble before. By sentencing her, they have destroyed her life chances. She has been failed by the system because of the colour of her skin. I need your help to get justice for Siyanda and set her free.”

Cammilla Mngaza, mother of Siyanda

On 25 May 2019, what started as a joyous bank holiday for Siyanda ended as a nightmare and changed her life forever. Without any provocation, Siyanda was racially abused and physically assaulted by adults much older than her at the Ancient Briton campsite in Brecon Beacons, Wales.

Siyanda and her family expected the police to investigate the incident thoroughly but what they experienced was a litany of failures. To their horror Siyanda who has disabilities, was arrested and then charged with GBH, and she was convicted and sentenced to four and half years on 13 March 2020. 

  • Siyanda is 4” 10’ and was 20 years old when the attack happened
  • She was attacked by 3 people, 2 of them male and twice her age
  • Due to recent reconstructive surgery on her leg, Siyanda was unable to run and could not flee from her attackers
  • There were 5 witness, 3 of which were Siyanda’s attackers and the other 2 are family members of the attackers
  • The attackers were not taken into custody, arrested or charged
  • All 5 witness were permitted to remain at the site of the incident and their statements not taken until the following day
  • Siyanda suffered terrible injuries which are documented in her medical records
  • Siyanda told the officers at the time she had been racially attacked, yet they admitted in court they did not investigate her allegations of a racial assault

Siyanda’s previous Solicitors lodged an appeal against her conviction. The grounds include the failure by the police to present crucial forensic evidence during the trial; the admission during the trial by police that they failed to investigate the race hate crime against Siyanda; and the complete undermining of the assailants versions of events as evidenced by the injuries sustained by Siyanda. Moreover, it is argued the jury failed to properly understand the directions of the sitting Judge in his summing up.

The requested appeal was heard in March 2021 where the judges at the Royal Courts of Justice accepted Siyanda’s face was stamped on, leaving a visible imprint from the sole of the footwear. They also agreed this was indeed inflicted by one of the prosecution witnesses. A man in his 40’s who had said, he was not involved or even near the incident when it took place.

Please remember all of the 5 prosecution witnesses are either related or friends and therefore are not independent witnesses. All of whom stated under oath, Siyanda was not harmed.

What the appeal judges of the Royal Courts of Justice accepted, seriously undermines the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS’s) case against Siyanda. It also undermines the honesty and integrity of the CPS’s none independent witnesses, as it shows they have all lied in court. However, the judges still declined Siyanda’s appeal.
The campaign to free Siyanda continues as we now look to the Supreme Court of Appeal, to put right this terrible injustice.

Further details can also be found in the press release which followed the Royal Courts of Justice appeal hearing.

We therefore need your help please, to raise the funds needed for the Supreme Court of Appeal hearing. As well as funds for the additional expert and specialist insight which is required for to the hearing.

You can help by: