We would like everyone to know Siyanda as we do.

So we have shared a little of our thoughts, feelings and experiences of Siyanda with you.


“Siyanda is my daughter the glue that holds our family together we are close and as a family we like to talk. Siyanda is a listener an advisor to her sister. Siyanda sees reason and others opinion, has always been a straight talker. She will put herself out to make sure you are ok. I love to hear her laugh as it is infectious. I have seen her suffer in health and turn her physical disabilities into something positive. I am so proud of what my daughter has become a decent human being, who would put others before herself with no hesitation. A person who wanted to enjoy life.”

my Daughter, Cammilla

“Siyanda has been my best friend for around 10 years and I couldn’t ask for a better one. She is a bubbly, strong minded young lady who can make any dull moment bright again. She really is one of a kind.”

my Friend, Kayla

“Siyanda is the most loving person I have ever met. She would do anything for anyone and put others before herself always. She is so caring and that’s why I love her so much and am proud to call her my girlfriend.”

my Girlfriend, Miles

“I’m still feeling as though this situation isn’t quite real. Locked up, her future in jeopardy and all in the midst of a global pandemic, so she can’t even be visited by friends and family.

No one should be in this situation, but when this happens to a family member, and one who is kind hearted, intelligent, sharp minded and a genuine soul, it really makes you loose faith in our criminal justice system. Siyanda is my younger cousin, but her level headedness and confidence puts her miles ahead of me. The last time we were together, we talked about the case and it always struck me how impeccably she handle herself. Most of us would have broken several times over but Siyanda had a way of remaining hopeful whilst being pragmatic and forward thinking. Even in the midst of chaos, she was able to calm those around her. And that is who Siyanda is: soft with an ability to be strong, calm with an ability to take action, loving with an ability to set boundaries. She is wonderful and I need her to be free. Siyanda needs justice.”

my Cousin, Siya

“Siyanda is one in a million, so loving and you could not meet a more caring person Siyanda has a heart of gold.

Siyanda lightens up any room with her smile and laugh.

Siyanda has been part of mine and my two daughters lives for 10 years and now a big part of my granddaughters.

I am forever grateful to Siyanda for being a loyal and amazing friend to my both daughters.”

my Daugther’s Friend, Karen

“Siyanda is my niece who I am very close to! She is a caring young person with a big heart. She has so much determination and motivation to succeed in life, however things have not been easy for her. Not only has she gone through major head and knee surgery in her young adult life, Siyanda also suffered bullying at school in her teenage years. Despite this she has never given up even when things have been tough for her. 
Siyanda often worries and thinks about others even when she has things to deal with herself. For example, whilst Siyanda’s trial was going on I had an operation and although Siyanda had her own troubles to worry about, she still called me throughout my hospital stay to check on how I was and to make sure I was getting the care I needed. I love my niece dearly and just want to see her back home with her family, where she belongs.” 

my Niece, Jen

“Siyanda has always been a great sister to me, she is always there. From the day I was born she has loved me and accepted me for who I am. Whenever I am down, she still never fails to support me and give me advice. I feel safe around her as there is not one negative bone in her body. I look up to my sister because she is a strong woman just like I aspire to be one day. Even in these times of unfairness, she will still get through it. I will always have a place in my heart for my brave big sister, Siyanda” 

my Sister, Mya