MP Letter Template

If you would like to show your support by writing to your MP, you can do so using the below template we have provided or using your own personal letter. Whichever option you decide to use, we appreciate you taking the time to send your letter and show your support.


Dear (Insert MP Name)

I am writing to you as a constituent of (insert constituency) because I am deeply concerned about an incident of racial violence and consequent police misconduct within the South Wales community.

The incident involved racial violence committed against a young disabled black woman, Siyanda Mngaza. Who in an act of self defence, was unjustly charged and convicted by an all white jury of grievous bodily harm with intent. Siyanda’s arrest and subsequent conviction is undoubtedly by virtue of police negligence, misconduct and racial bias. Her sentence of 4.5 years was determined on 13th March 2020, however Siyanda’s solicitors have already submitted an appeal challenging  this verdict. 

Below is a brief high level overview:

  • Siyanda is 4” 10’ and was 20 years old when the attack happened
  • She was attacked by 3 people, 2 of them male and twice her age
  • Due to recent reconstructive surgery on one of her legs, Siyanda was unable to run and could not flee from her attackers
  • There were 5 witness, 3 of which were Siyanda’s attackers and the other 2 are friends of the attackers
  • The attackers were not taken into custody, arrested or charged
  • All 5 witness were permitted to remain at the site of the incident and their statements not taken until the following day
  • Siyanda suffered terrible injuries which are documented in her medical records
  • Siyanda told the officers at the time she had been racially attacked, yet they admitted in court they did not investigate her allegations of a racial assault

As we have seen in the media recently there is a lot taking place regarding the widespread discrimination of black people within the UK’s punitive justice system.  Notwithstanding I wish to draw your attention to Siyanda Mngaza, as since the launch of the national campaign in May, the ‘Free Siyanda’ petition has already gained over 500k signatures. Clearly showing the strong public support she has. I would like the UK parliament to be made aware of this injustice, thereby allowing it to be rectified. Ergo I am kindly asking if you could voice this issue in parliament or do anything you can in aid of Siyanda’s plight and bringing it to a swift end. Given the level of public support and sheer incompetence shown by the Dyfed-Powys police, this travesty should not go unheard.

Should you wish to view further details regarding Siyanda Mngaza and her campaign please view: 

Thank you for your time & kindest regards

(Insert Name)

[Supported to write this by Siyanda’s family and friends.]

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