Campaign for Justice

Why we’re appealing:

  • Siyanda was 20 years old at the time of her attack and the aggressors are more than twice her age.
  • These attackers claimed that they did not harm her. Yet she sustained horrific injuries.
  • The police admitted in court to not having investigated this hate crime against Siyanda.
  • The jury failed to understand the direction of the judge and did not understand the charges Siyanda faced, even though she proved in court she was attacked.

Siyanda is a bright, aspiring black woman now 22 years old, who had a promising career and life ahead of her. She is loved by many because of her kind heart and very caring nature.

We need your help to obtain ‘Justice for Siyanda’ and bring an end to her traumatic ordeal.

She has never been in trouble and has no prior warnings or convictions. Siyanda has been failed by the system because of the colour of her skin.

Please help us gain 1 million signatures on the petition so we can bring this to the attention of MPs. Showing that it is not acceptable for an innocent person to be jailed for defending herself.

Should you wish wish to support Siyanda, you can do so on the Show Support page. All support is much appreciated and we ‘Thank You’ in advance.